This series is a walk through parks, monuments and archaeological sites of the center of Athens. Some of the images share a wider view and some focus on random tiny details noticed around those places. Using photography as a means of psychogeography I am focusing in places that make us feel proud and positive, that give us hope through their beauty, serenity and historical significance. My vision of these landscapes refers to that of old gravures or paintings when Greece was 'discovered' by the early Western travellers.
Yet those places do not exist outside the often troubled present in the same way that hopes and aspirations exist within the everyday worries and trivialities. There is therefore an exchange between the momentous and the everyday, the ideal and the trivial, the admirable and the unworthy.
This work tries to transfer a mood, a psychological state of a country and its people in a process of both introspection as well as reconsideration of its relation with the West in an effort to recover from a major identity crisis.